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 Connect with us if you are ready for an new and exciting market, whatever you are farm or processing plant, supply us your genuine product, we are able to bring great successful business for us.

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FarmFeast is working on setting up its own facility. We have contract with 4 warehouses and 2 processing facilities. Also, we introduce our brand namely as “wivven". We work as reseller such as we sell the original brand to local or international market under the supplier's policy. In short, we mainly repack our products for resale.

What Sort of Product that FarmFeast Looking For?

We deal in chicken products, chicken paw, chicken feet, beef, Angus beef, certified Angus beef, beef offals, better from slaughtering house, and live Angus cattle.if you are a supplier of those products that able to ensure the quality with the standard of US and plant has USDA approved , we will be happy to geting  you connected and create our business..

How FarmFeast Proceed with its Service?

We strive to deliver products at wholesale price in US local market. Furthermore, we export to Asia or Europe under the factory's policy. Indeed, many international companies have its own policy and regional restrictions., due to its marketing strategy, So, we work on their behalf, and if possible, we will repack their products through our brand.

What Sort of Suppliers do We Possess to Work With?

We offer farm or a slaughtering house, whether the supplier is an international company or they have no license for export. Although we have contracted with 4 warehouses and 2 processing facilities located on the East Coast and West Coast of the US. Somehow, there is no need to have any license to connect with us. You only need to control quality and deliver us the quality we expect. Some products without mouse or ractopamine depend on our client's requirements. If we export to China, then ractopamine will not be allowed to be checked out.

What if We Use Only Your Farm That What's the Process?

We will work on contractual basis, such as you can slaughter your animal, whether chickens, Angus cattle, and economic cattle. Our factory is USDA approved; we can also find the facility near our supplier.

Can we Do Dropshipping?

Whether you live in US or in different regions, you can send us your products or stock info that we can recommend to our local clients. We also offer dropshipping facility so that you may explore our service the better way.

If you are a manufacturer in Europe or another region, how do you become a part of FarmFeast?

We have long-term clients in China with a high demand for a comprehensive range of products; you can send us your products. We have sourcing agent in Europe to assist you in working with us; we also have a company in the UK do business with you in Europe regions.

What Kind of Beef Offal We Are Looking For?

We have a massive demand for beef offal in US local market and also Asia market. If you have a slaughtering house and do not reuse your beef offal, we can make a yearly contract that we purchase all fresh offal. We further process it in our factory and sell the product precisely.

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