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Farm Feast LLC is a privately owned company that is committed to distributing quality meat products and innovation. Our company is motivated by our quest to achieve the best meat quality and was founded in 2022. We focus on being your favourite and convenient meat wholesale in US and export markets in Europe and Asia. 

Our founder QinDai established the first farm feast LLC. She was inspired by her 15 years of experience in the Asian food industry. She registered the meat brand" Wivven" in both China and now the US with time. 

We deal with processing, packaging, and distributing slaughtered sourced meat.

We are a unique supplier of quality fresh and frozen meat products sourced from the leading companies in the industry. Our company has a contract with four warehouses and two processing repackaging facilities that are located in East Coast and West Coast of US.  We have also signed a contract with four international logisticts companies that work with us to ensure that our products  reach the domestic and international clients are of excellent quality.

Additionally, our products go through inspection by SGS or CCIC to ensure they have attained the set regulations and standards. We have sourcing team in both Europe and  US for assisting our clients in Asian market accroding to  their specific demand , Our China company located in Shanghai  and it has more than 15years in food industry and has its own loyal clients for many years. It’s an approved company for  importing meat products by Chinese government.


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Our Product Scope

As one of the growing processors of quality meat products for both the local market and export market, we are committed to supplying the following products to our customers.

Beef-certified Angus

are sourced from the finest farms in the US, perfect-aged cows, and packaged to meet the food and safety quality standards. The beef will satisfy your need for succulent fresh tasty meat.

Chicken products

our chicken products are farm fresh, nutritious, and healthy for you. We provide quality chicken products since we value excellence in serving our customers.

Beef offals

Our beef offals will surprise your taste buds. They are delicious and delightful.

What are the Benefits of Sourcing Wholesale Packaged Meat Online?

Meat lovers now prefer to buy wholesale packaged meat from online suppliers compared to buying meat directly from a butchery. If you are wondering what is the importance of sourcing wholesale packaged meat, here are a few benefits that will convince you to start buying packaged meat products in wholesale from our company.

Easily Accessible and Quick Delivery

Online wholesale suppliers of packaged meat avail meat to you just one click away and offer quick delivery services to your doorstep. You probably don’t have the time to visit a butchery or go to your local supermarket to buy some packaged meat. Consider trying an online wholesale meat shop.

All you have to do is visit their website and make a purchase of what you want. The online website is easy to use and provides buyers with the opportunity of choosing the exact meat they want from the wide catalogue available on the site. Once you have placed your order on the site, you can use various payment methods  and sit back waiting for your meat delivery. 


Local retail shops sell packaged meat products at a price that is convenient to them depending on their location. The prices always differ from one shop to another making it hard for most buyers to decide on which shop to go to. Shopping from an online wholesale shop for packaged meat offers more favourable prices and allow you to decide what quantity you want.

The prices may also be cheaper since the meat is sold directly from the supplier to the consumer without any middlemen. Purchasing your packaged meat from an online wholesale shop is quite cheaper due to the lower rates.

Quality Meat Supply

If you are looking for a large or bulk supply of meat products, the best place to get quality meat is an online wholesale shop for packaged meat products.  Our online shop sources all the meat products form some of the largest and most popular slaughter houses and suppliers. The online shop has fresh organic meat that has been specifically chosen and sold to clients through the website. You will be supplied with quality meat specially handpicked and handled carefully without any middlemen involved.

We Observe Food Safety Standards

Meat product safety is very crucial since a simple mistake can cause irreversible harm to a client. To ensure that all the meat products that reach our market are safe for your consumption, our company always ensures that all the packed products from us are approved by the food and safety department.

Our packaged products are usually stamped and contain a certification label to indicate that their quality is certified and guaranteed. We make sure that all the products you receive have been tested and approved to meet all the food safety standard requirements. You should consider buying our packaged meat products instead of getting your meat directly from uncertified butchers.


Wide Range of Meat to Choose From

The main aim of most online wholesale shops is to provide their customers with a wide range of products within the same platform.  When purchasing from an online wholesale shop, you can select different types of meat and products sold on the website. Unlike your local meat store, an online wholesale shop does not limit the quantity or type of product you want to buy. You get variety within one roof.



If you are looking forward to working with us as a supplier or a customer, you can always reach us through our online website or call us directly.

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