We deal with processing, packaging,
and distributing slaughtered sourced meat from cattle and poultry.
Our entire team of suppliers and manufacturers are working hard to see that you, our esteemed customer are satisfied with our products

Farm feast LLC Meat packaging company is a privately owned company that is committed to distributing quality meat products and innovation. Our company is motivated by our quest to achieve the best meat quality and was founded in 2022. We focus on being your favourite and convenient meat wholesale in our local markets  and export markets in Europe and Asia. Our founder QinDai established the first Farm feast LLC. She was inspired by her 15 years of experience in the Asian food industry. She registered the meat brand “WIVVEN” in both China and now the Us with time. 

We are a unique supplier of quality fresh and frozen meat products sourced from the leading companies in the industry. Our company has a contract with four warehouses and two processing repackaging facilities that are located in East Coast and West Coast of US.  We have also signed a contract with four international logisticts companies that work with us to ensure that our products reach the domestic and international clients are of excellent quality. Additionally, our products go through inspection by SGS or CCIC to ensure they have attained the set regulations and standards.

We have sourcing team in both Europe and  US for assisting our clients in Asian market accroding to their specific demand , Our China company located in Shanghai and it has more than 15 years in food industry and has its own loyal clients for many years. It’s an approved company for importing meat products by Chinese government.

We are committed to supplying quality certified products to our customers. We ensure that all packaged meat products reaching your supermarkets and tables have been tested and approved to meet the international and state quality standards requirements which are used to audit retailer and wholesale branded food products. 


Where Does the Packaged Meat Come From?

As mentioned before, our company works with various famous meat suppliers and companies in the US. This, therefore, means that our meat products have been sourced ethically to ensure that our customers receive meat that has been selected with integrity and care. The farms we work with almost mostly are  located in the US since our company warehouse is located in eastcoat and westcoast of US.

We have researched our supply companies to ensure that their meat products are sourced from animals that have been raised naturally and ethically within sustainable environments. We also focus on sourcing meat that is organic to protect our consumers' health. 

What makes our Meat Packaging Company Different?

As we look for meat to source for repackaging, we keep in mind that naturally raised animals produce quality meat with numerous nutritional benefits. The meat our company sources has USDA approved and no calorie content making it suitable for consumption. The meat products are also free of any antibiotic growth promoters that are currently used by other meat production companies to increase their meat yield. 

Why Us?

When choosing meat products for you and your family, you should focus on the quality and safety of the meat you buy. Although suppliers have quality meat products, reaching their clients with the meat in the same condition is challenging. You are probably wondering why you should buy packaged meat instead of going direct to your meat supplier. You should also know where the meat you are buying is sourced from before packaging.

As a new company in the market, we are focused on satisfying our customer's needs for quality fresh or frozen meat products. Our goal is to become among the leading packaged meat distributors and therefore have to lay a strong market foundation. We believe consumer food safety and security are key when delivering food-based products.

If you are looking forward to working with us as a supplier or a customer, you can always reach us through our public website. We have availed our email and contacts also on the website to ensure you can easily reach them in case of anything. We are committed to delivering to you quality fresh packaged meat that has been carefully handled to ensure safety and cleanliness. Our entire team of suppliers and manufacturers are working hard to see that you, our esteemed customer are satisfied with our products.

About Founder

QINDAI, Founder and General Manager

QinDai is from China with a long track record of running successful enterprises which operate across the world. her companies provide top quality products and have an excellent history of cooperation and business success with the USA and China. 

She has a background in sales where she was originally involved in the electronic component industry. Shortly after this, she decided to begin the process of building her own company and in 2006 she began searching for birdsnest products from South Asia to sell to markets in China.and established a food processing facility in Shanghai for bridsnests product.she created and registered food trademark of'xiyanfang"and 'WIVVEN"which are produced as instant bridsnest soup and meat products .

She has legitimate business interests which she believe will be to the benefit of both herself and the companies and customers that she intend on working with , her mission is to help the Chinese people to enjoy high-quality goods from all over the world conveniently and at an affordable price, and through an easier transaction process.  


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