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Knowing how to choose what to eat is key especially when it comes to meat products. Here are a few tips our company
When you know the benefits and importance of buying packaged meat products from our company, you also need to know how to do a quality and safety check to ensure you buy healthy products for you and your family. Knowing how to choose what to eat is key especially when it comes to meat products. Here are a few tips our company uses to ensure that the packaged meat we supply reaches our customers when fresh and of good quality.

We Observe Food Safety Standards

Meat product safety is very crucial since a simple mistake can cause irreversible harm to a client. To ensure that all the meat products that reach our market are safe for your consumption, our company always ensures that all the packed products from us are approved by the food and safety department.

Our packaged products are usually stamped and contain a certification label to indicate that their quality is certified and guaranteed. We make sure that all the products you receive have been tested and approved to meet all the food safety standard requirements. You should consider buying our packaged meat products instead of getting your meat directly from uncertified butchers.

We Ensure that We have the Right Cut on each Product

You don’t want to spend your money buying a product you don’t understand. If you buy packaged meat products from us, you do not have to worry about their authenticity in terms of the right cut.

Our packaging has details on which animal part has been packaged. This makes it easier for our clients to identify a particular product and choose a preferred assortment package. Specifying the animal part packaged also helps to increase our customers for specific products. Furthermore, the meat cut information is needed by a customer when cooking the meat product since some require more heat than others. 

We Ensure the Meat Reaches you When it is Still Firm

Everyone loves fresh meat not too soft or too tough. Freshly bought, meat should not be soft or tender when poked. When you poke our packaged meat, you will realize that it presses and then regains its initial shape. This is proof that the meat is firm enough. Additionally, the firmness of our meat products proves that it has not been stored for too long before reaching the market.

You will also be able to see the meat muscle fibres of each of the meat products we have packaged. We also ensure that the packaged meat is dry to the feel and does not get damp when cut. One sign that fresh meat is of good quality is that when cut it remains clear, does not dampen, and will not fall off so easily. Also, be on the lookout for any yellowish appearance on the meat surface since it means that the meat is not fresh. Our company products are packaged with high-quality standards by our highly informed employees when it comes to observing food quality and safety. 

Ensure the Original Colour is Maintained

Every meat lover knows that they can tell how fresh the meat is by checking its colour. We distribute only fresh meat products since we obtain very fresh meat from the beef and poultry farms supplying us. Our meat products do not have any weird colours such as green and brown which show that meat is stale.

The products when stored at low temperatures maintain their colour and freshness and will not get spoiled easily. The red meat remains bright red whether it has been refrigerated or just bought. You should check for the meat colour when buying packaged products. The colours will help you tell whether the meat is sourced from an old animal, has not been hygienically handled during packaging, or is about to go bad. With our packaged meat, you no longer have to worry about the shelf life of your meat and its colour. They stay fresh throughout.

The Products are Odorless

Even though the meat has a meaty smell, it should not be accompanied by a funny smell. Your meat should be odor free when fresh. We aim at making our customers satisfied by distributing meat with a very fresh smell. Packaged meat should remain with the original smell only and fragrance depending on the animal source. Any other smell means that you are buying a product that is not fresh and may affect your health. 

We Indicate the Use by Date

Food products are very perishable. Meat cannot last longer than a certain period. When we repackage meat sourced from our suppliers, we indicate its use by date on the packaging. Past this date, we assume that the product will have spoiled. Always check for the used-by-date label on our packaged meat.

We do not want you to risk eating meat that has already gone bad. Our meat also has a limit of going bad since during packaging we have to handle it and take it through processing which increases its risk of going bad. 

We Avail to Customers some Information on the Packaging

The best fact about packaged meat is that you are provided with important details about the meat. As we package sourced meat, we also include information such as type of meat, date prepared, use by date, kind of meat, and the weight of the meat. Such details will help you choose what you want without struggling.

We also include other information such as the nutritional information and may also put in the meat source and how to prepare it. When buying any packaged meat, you want to get all the important details on the meat. The details also build clients' trust in your product hence a growing market base.

Favourable Storage Conditions

Some people buy meat in bulk and will need to store it as they continue to slowly eat it. Packaging meat products makes it easy for you to store without having to worry about compromising their quality and freshness.

Our packaged products can be stored under low temperatures. You just need to freeze them under 0 degrees. When properly frozen and refrigerated, the meat products stay longer with some like poultry remaining fresh until 9 months. Solve all your meat shopping problems by purchasing our easy-to-store and preserve packaged meat. You will not have to keep going back to the butcher or supermarket when in need of fresh meat. 


Why peoples love repacked meat?
You will find our products onlineand can be delivered all the regions of US.. The products are of high quality, fresh or frozen , USDA approved and properly packaged.